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What is Paymate OnTheGo?

Paymate OnTheGo is in the process of being upgraded. The new and improved product will be available shortly, however as a result we are not accepting new registrations.

In the meantime please click on this link to express your interest in the new product and once we launch we will contact you.

Paymate OnTheGo is the latest innovation for small businesses that want to accept payments on the go.

The new product will provide all the great functionality that is enjoyed today along with some new features that we think you will really like, such as:

  • allowing merchants to accept Credit & Debit cards as they can today, and introducing Savings and Cheque account payments
  • continuing to allow you to get paid straight into your Australian bank account, generally the next business day

  • protecting you and your customers with the highest standards of Chip & PIN technology
  • introducing Inventory to save your regular sale itemsso you can quickly and easily enter a sale, with the details flowing through to the customers receipt

Apart from providing our merchants with extra functions we are also making the changes to meet industry regulations. These regulations require mobile payments to use securt Chip and PIN technology. Signing for Credit Card payments is also being phased out and ill be replaces by PIN authorisation.

While we finalise these changes please click on this link to express your interest and we will contact you when we launch.


Who is it for?

  • The service currently is available in Australia only.
  • Paymate OnTheGo is perfect for any business or enterprise that doesn't have a merchant facility or a mobile merchant facility.
  • You might be your own boss, or have a few employees.
  • Maybe your job takes you out and about, or you work from home.
  • Perhaps you're a tradesperson or provide a professional service.
  • If you've always wanted to be able to accept card payments and get paid on the spot, then Paymate OnTheGo is the go.

Business benefits

Paymate OnTheGo is packed with features that you can use to benefit your business.

Control cash flow

Cash flow is king and Paymate OnTheGo helps you take control by getting paid faster, with money going straight into your bank account, usually overnight.

Better record-keeping

Paymate OnTheGo can email receipts to your customers – saving you the hassle of doing it later. It also tallies up your transactions, stores your history and provides you with a web application to view all payments.

Makes tax time less taxing

With better records comes simpler reporting to the ATO and easier compliance. Your tax advisor can confirm whether Paymate OnTheGo is a tax-deductible business expense for you.

Never lose a sale

The ability to offer and accept payments by credit and debit card ensures you're transacting right at the point you make a sale, right at the time the job is done. You will never lose a sale or put one off again – and that means more sales conversions and better cash flow.

Easy and convenient

Paymate OnTheGo is both easy and convenient. Now you can have a merchant facility without having to deal with the banks. When we launch the new prroduct – simply apply online, get approved, and you're in business.

While we finalise these changes please click on this link to express your interest and we will contact you when we launch.


Paymate OnTheGo allows you to accept card payments. In addition you can also collect customer information such as name, email (to send a receipt) and address to create an opt-in database for further contact and sales opportunities.

Smart thinking

You'll not only look more professional, you'll be more businesslike too. The card reader is small, stylish and smart – and goes wherever your business takes you.

While we finalise these changes please click on this link to express your interest and we will contact you when we launch. apply-now


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