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The benefits for a merchant of accepting Paymate on a website are  :

  • Paymate is both a merchant facility and a payment gateway, merchants can get started quickly and easily.
  • We pay straight into the merchant's bank account.
  • Merchants can accept credit card payments in 6 currencies from buyers in 60 countries

Merchants can use the following methods of integration to accept Paymate payments on their website. Use our RESOURCES menu to select the tools to integrate Paymate easily into your ecommerce platform.

  1. Paymate Express Logo on website:  The simplest way to use Paymate is to place a Paymate Express Payment logo on your site that links to our secure payment page.  You can generate the [HTML] code to do this on our Help page. Ask your website developer to copy and paste this code onto the relevant payment page on your site.  More...
  2. Pre-population of Express Payment:  In addition to placing a Paymate logo on your website, you can also fill in details of the order (reference number, price) and customer (email, name and address) if you have already captured these via a form on your website prior to the payment being made.  This reduces the effort for the customer.  You will need to create ‘buy now’ buttons for each product on your website so that the right information is filled into Paymate Express for each purchase.  More...
  3. Shopping Cart with Express Payment:  You may use a shopping cart on your website for the purchase of multiple items in a single order. You could use the free cart provided by Paymate or invest in a more sophisticated cart from one of many providers who support Paymate.  At the end of the cart checkout step you should have Paymate as a payment option, this is a good place to show the Paymate Express Payment logo that will be recognised by customers as a safe and secure payment method.
  4. OS Commerce Platform:  This is a popular Open Source eCommerce platform, although it does require a level of technical ability to implement and use.  Paymate has published a payment module for this platform. More...
  5. Paymate Transaction Inquiry API:  A more technically sophisticated interface, the Paymate Transaction Inquiry Application Programming Interface, enables your system to interact with the Paymate service at any time subsequent to a payment via a programmatic interface.  You can query the status of a single transaction or request all payments over a period.  More...

Technical Support

Please see Technical Integration if you are a website developer or have adequate technical expertise.


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