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Paymate provides secure, reliable and innovative Internet-based payment services to buyers and sellers. We’re available to buyers in 60 countries around the world and to sellers in Australia and New Zealand. Our mission is to help you trade with the world.

We pride ourselves on the security of our transactions, the reliability of our service and the helpfulness of our local customer support team.

At Paymate we partner with you to take care of the details. You can receive online credit card payments without an expensive merchant facility with a bank, or a secure website or gateway processor service – Simply register online to start receiving payments!

You can also use Paymate to make secure payments to any registered Paymate seller, without disclosing your personal or financial details. You can use a credit card to make a payment from any of 60 countries, in Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds.

Buyers have no more lengthy registration forms and passwords to remember because at Paymate you don’t need to be registered to make a secure Express Payment via a credit card!

The Company

Paymate is operated by Paymate Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Card Access Services Pty Ltd ABN 73 009 234 002. We provide payment services for global e-commerce and m-commerce.

The Paymate Story

July 2000: Paymate is established as a start-up to bridge the gap in payment services between business needs and bank offerings. In October 2000 with a small amount of seed capital, a ‘brokered payment’ model is implemented in a prototype and demonstrated to prospective partners.

December 2000: Paymate secures interest from two companies to partner them on a payments service.

The first is Artesian, a joint venture of three industry giants in beer, wine and liquor who plan to operate a Business-to-Business portal to sell products directly to the hospitality industry. Paymate is to operate a B2B payment service integrated into the Artesian portal.

The second is eBay Australia and New Zealand, a fledgling venture itself, which needs a consumer-to-consumer payment service using credit cards. At this time eBay’s inhouse payment service is BillPoint, which has no immediate plans to offer an Australian service. Paymate offers to build and operate an Australian Dollar credit card payment service for eBay Australia members. eBay goes on to become the leading online marketplace in Australia.

April 2001: eBay Australia signs an agreement with Paymate to launch the payment service. Paymate builds and tests the service working with eBay and the National Australia Bank. Risk management is a key capability that Paymate builds with proprietary systems and specialist overseas service providers.

October 2001 : Paymate launches Australia’s first person-to-person payment service on www.ebay.com.au. The service is a success, with many Australian sellers opting for the local, Australian Dollar service in preference to US providers.

August 2002: Paymate Express is launched, which doesn’t require buyers to register to make credit card payments – this is hugely popular, with payment volumes doubling in a month. Paymate implements an annual client satisfaction survey to receive and assess feedback from clients- this is an industry-first in Australia. Paymate continues to rate 8/10 on overall satisfaction every year.

October 2002: Following eBay’s purchase of PayPal, Paymate cannot be promoted on eBay Australia. Paymate extends services to focus on website sellers and other partners.

December 2002: Paymate pilots Australia’s first electronic tax lodgement and payment service with the Australian Tax Office, enabling Australian businesses to lodge Business Activity Statements and quarterly tax payments via Paymate.

Paymate wins a Federal COMET Grant for the commercialisation of emerging technology. Paymate is inducted into the Australian Technology Showcase that recognises innovative solutions.

October 2003: In conjunction with the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade), a Federal agency responsible for the promotion of Australian exports, Paymate launches www.myexports.com.au, a portal for Australian small business exporters to bill and collect payments from clients in the USA, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Paymate’s Express TT service is the first Australian cross-border payment service to enable bank account to bank account payments via the Internet. In partnership with DHL, the portal enables exporters to also order, pay for and track cross –border shipments via Paymate’s Express Shipping service.

Paymate wins a Federal IT Online Grant in partnership with Austrade and DHL.

October 2005: Paymate launches a payment service in association with Trading Post Online, an online classifieds site operated by Sensis, a subsidiary of Telstra Corp.

August 2006: Paymate launches a payment service in New Zealand in association with Trade Me, New Zealand’s largest online marketplace. Many NZ websites also take up Paymate as a risk-managed payment service.

December 2007: Paymate signs an agreement with Alipay, China’s largest online payment provider and part of the Alibaba Group. The partnership allows Australian sellers to receive payments from buyers in China via an integrated cross-border service.

June 2008: Paymate and Alipay launch a Beta version of www.haiwaibao.com, the world’s first dual language, multi-merchant online shopping mall for consumers in China to make purchases from Australian merchants. The platform is welcomed by Austrade as an innovative platform for exports direct to consumers in the booming China market.

October 2008: Paymate launches the production version of www.haiwaibao.com, securing the first orders and payments for Australian merchants directly from buyers in China.

April 2009: Paymate releases a US payments service.

June 2009: Paymate moves its Global Headquarters to the US and expands it offerings.

November 2009: Paymate opens up the US Payment Service to micro-merchants and smaller eBay sellers.

December 2011: Flexi OnlinePty Ltd - a subidiary of FlexiGroup (ASX:FXL) acquires the assets of the Australian, New Zealand and Asian business of Paymate Pty Limited, separating from the US business which is now a separate entity.

July 2012: Paymate launches the Paymate OnTheGo product, which enables its merchants to accept payments via a smartphone and a swiper that plugs into the audio jack of the phone

September 2012: Paymate updates its pricing which includes simplifying the subscription tiers and removing Buyer fees from the service

July 2014: Paymate launches an upgraded Paymate OnTheGo device that includes a mobile application connecting to a Card Reader by Bluetooth. It supports secure Chip and PIN authorisation, along with EFTPOS® payments. The previous swiper product is removed from the market.

November 2015: Card Access Services Pty Ltd acquires the assets of the Australian, New Zealand and Asian business of Paymate Pty Limited from Flexi Online Pty Ltd. Card Access Services is a payment processing and technology company with over 28 years experience in the payments industry.

Regulatory Compliance

Paymate holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) which means it is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). This licence requires Paymate to comply with strict financial and operational controls and to be independently audited for both financial and licence compliance on an annual basis.

Read more about the Paymate AFSL.