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We understand that as a seller, one of your main objectives is to make the buyer experience painless and straight forward. Unlike other payment services, Paymate buyers do NOT need to register to make credit card payments. Buyers do not incur a fee to make credit card payments.

Paymate provides sellers with an integrated payment system that doesn’t require an expensive merchant facility. We offer added flexibility to sellers by allowing for them to accept payments in Australian dollars as well as other foreign currencies: USD, GBP, EUR and NZD. Sellers incur fees to accept credit card payments. Paymate makes payments, usually overnight, directly into the seller's bank account without any transfer fees or clearing delays. Learn more about credit card fees by clicking here.

Paymate offers sellers the ability to accept payments on websites as well as marketplaces, such as  We have developed relationships with third-party shopping cart developers that offer the tools to integrate shopping carts into your business website to enable ecommerce. Paymate also offers sellers a free shopping cart. Learn more about shopping carts here.

Paymate conducts a thorough risk assessment on all payments to safeguard both buyers and sellers. Paymate conforms to Australian industry standards for security of capture, processing and storage of payment, financial and personal information.

After you register, if you meet our MINIMUM requirements, we will respond immediately with a PROVISIONAL APPROVAL. This means your account is active to receive payments.

PLEASE NOTE:  We review your account when you receive your first payment. Your business and personal information will be verified, a credit check may be done and your website and/or eBay sales history will be reviewed.  In some cases, you may be asked for additional documentation to verify information provided on your application. At this time we may place restrictions on your service based on your risk profile, ask for a security deposit or decline your account and withdraw our services. Paymate will not be liable for any fees, costs you may have incurred or lost sales as a result of these conditions or withdrawal of services.

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